Troll Repair

Most minor surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis which will save you medical costs and be less stressful on the patient!

Because of the wide variety of troll parts that we have used over the years, we can provide some of these parts for free and some will have a small charge. If you describe the patient and ailment/s we can help with what is needed (a picture might be helpful for the more complicated cases!).

You can always send them back to us to correct, but in most cases these repairs can be done at home by you. Most often all you will need is a hot melt glue gun (or other type of adhesive), the right parts, and a little bit of guidance from our medical staff.

If you can wait till your next troll order, you can save the shipping charge that would be a part of any repair kit sent by itself.

If you know what parts you need just list them in a separate email or in the comments section during the checkout process.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Troll Nose (for 60" troll)
Troll Nose (for 60" troll)

Troll Nose - (for 30" troll)
Troll Nose - (for 30" troll)

Nose for 20" Troll

Nose for 16" Troll

Nose for 12" Troll

Nose for an 8" Troll

Nose for a 5" Troll

General Repairs for Trolls etc.