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Sweetheart Troll Mug

Here is something that is sure to warm the heart of any sweetheart (and not just because it can hold a hot beverage:)

This ceramic mug is imprinted with one of Ken Arensbak’s special troll drawings, a drawing that was recently rediscovered after being hidden away for over 35 years. A perfect gift for that deserving person (which could be yourself!).

As you can see in picture, the art is imprinted on both front and back of mug... so good for lefties too!

Holds 11 oz. of your favorite beverage with a permanent kiln baked image that is very dishwasher safe:)

***Please Note***

If mug is ordered by itself please provide an address that accepts USPS Priority Mail.

Sweetheart Troll Mug SWEETMUG$14.50

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